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Creating your first blog pages and posts

Creating Your First Blog Posts and pages now commences, you need to centre yourself and remember your keywords or topic, pillar page or umbrella category and buyer persona or audience. Use blog post templates for specific formats that can help you get in the groove of writing list-based posts, newsjacking posts, infographics, pillar pages, and …

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Working with your Blog Developers

Working with Developers is very crucial and for you to have a successful blog you need to include your developers in the planning process from the start to finish. Your developer will guide you upfront on wordpress compatibility, metric tracking, features, templates, or styles. Blog development takes time and therefore you should give your developers …

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Design your blog

Designing Your Blog comes after you have identified the best and easiest CMS to use. This is the time for you to design your blog and optimize it for search engines and lead generation. Turning visitors into prospects and, ultimately, customers. To accomplish this, you’ll need a blog design that’s easy to access and can …

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What to look for in CMS

Here are the most important features to look for in a CMS. Remember that your no matter how great your content is, if your CMS cannot display and manage your content right, this will result in a low level impact on your content. Your Content Management System (CMS) is the chassis of your content marketing …

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Choosing Content Management for you Blog

A successful launch and maintenance of a blog requires an effective CMS. What is CMS? Content Management System is a digital system that enables you to manage the creation and modification of blog content CMSs are typically used for enterprise content management and web content management.While identifying your target persona and generating content ideas is …

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Setting up your Blog

A few tools are required in order for your blog to be up and running. You need writers, editors, publishers and promoters. You need to decide how you want your analytics and data/metrics will be handled and by who. You also need to chose content management system that is simple and easy to use even …

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