Choosing Content Management for you Blog

A successful launch and maintenance of a blog requires an effective CMS.
What is CMS? Content Management System is a digital system that enables you to manage the creation and modification of blog content
CMSs are typically used for enterprise content management and web content management.While identifying your target persona and generating content ideas is the strategic side of launching a blog, now you’ll need to consider
the equally important technical side.

You CMS should have the following features:-
Your CMS should be easy to use especially if you are non-technical or if you wont be getting any technical support
from your company. Most content management systems come with templates you can use or support to help
you design it, so make sure you choose one that will work for the skills on your team.

Make sure that your CMS can allow to know where your blog traffic is coming from , the system should also allow you to track metrics like conversion rates, page views.
Ensure that the CMS allows you to easily track the success of your efforts, this is because analyzing the success of your blog will be incredibly important post-launch\

Your blog should be responsive, this is because more than 65% of all searches on google come from mobile, which means its essential for your blog to be optimized for any device that your blog visitor opens the content on.
A CMS that automatically makes your content responsive to device type is a must for marketers in today’s mobile and tablet world.