How to Improve Your WiFi Signal

How to Improve Your WiFi Signal:
Wireless network technology have advanced over the last decade when it comes to internet.
Majority of wifi uses still have issues related to slow internet speed among other wireless based issues.
Slow internet speed in turn makes your computer loading speed to be slow.

Here are some tips to check in order improve on the wifi signal, increase computer loading speeds and internet improvement overall

  1. Identify what speed is your wifi sigal, you do this by running a Speed Test. To this go speed test sites and run the speed test where you will be able to identify both upload and download speeds.
  2. Find the Perfect Spot for Your Router, avoid hiding your routers in a closet, as doing so can actually slow down your WiFi speeds because solid doors
    and walls can absorb your signal and degrade it before it reaches your devices.
    A perfect spot for you router is a centralized spot in your home such as a table or bookshelf in your living room.
    However, since some routers send WiFi signal downwards instead of upwards, make sure you have it off the ground to send a better signal throughout your house.
  3. Remove any obstruction out of the wifi way, this can be large Pieces of Furniture like book shelves that can obstruct your WiFi’s signal strength.
    Make sure you move these objects to the walls around your home to increase your WiFi’s signal strength throughout your home.
  4. Avoid wifi router xoming into contact with Metal Objects and Appliances as they cause the wifi signal to rise and fall irregularly.
    Keep away from fluorescent lights, microwaves, and wireless phones by placing the router away from these objects and choose a different wireless frequency/channel.
  5. Set Your Device to Reset on a Schedule
    This may seem the most obvious out of all the steps you can take, but even rebooting your router can increase its signal strength. However, before doing so you should contact your internet provider so they can restart your router for you. Plus, you can even purchase an outlet timer to routinely reset your router to improve its signal strength every day.
  6. Make Your Network Secure by using password to protect your network, enabling WPA2 password protection on your network as WPA2 is encrypted
    and provides a lot more security than WEP or WPA security.
  7. Use a Repeater if the range of your router is less than 150 feet, as many devices in your home or office might not be close enough to get the best signal.
    To do this get a WiFi repeater, which can be plugged into any outlet in your home to increase your router’s signal strength.