Key Requirements for Amazon Affiliate

If you have a public domain or any form of online presence, you can easily make money with Amazon Associate program.
Many bloggers and website owners have done this. And they are monetizing with Amazon.
For those who are already with Amazon Associate they can tell you that the platform offers a great conversion rates.

As easy as it seems easy to join there are rules and requirements which you need to follow and if violate any of these rules or requirements, you Amazon account is likely to be suspended and you might loose some or all unpaid commissions. It is tough to get Amazon to reinstate your account after it bans you for violating its terms of service.

It is therefore important for you to comply with these rules and requirement in ordr to stay put.
In order for you be in safe and not to loose your account with Amazon it is important that you read and understand their program policies and operating agreement.

Here are most important things which you need to pay attention to in order be be compliance with Amazon.

  1. Do Not Use Link Shorteners to Hide Links
    The Associates Program Participation Requirement, prohibit link shortening tools to cloak that you’re linking to an Amazon site.
  2. Identifying Yourself as an Associate: You must let your users or readers know that you are an associate.
  3. Do Not Put Links in PDFs, eBooks, Emails, or Private Groups
  4. Do Not Solicit Clicks on Links – you cannot ask people to click on links to increase you revenue. Instead, use the standard disclosure statement provided by Amazon: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.
  5. You Cannot Purchase From Your Link: If you make a sale from your affiliate links, that is not a qualified purchase. Therefore, Amazon will not pay for it. As simple as that.