Mobile smart plugin wordpress

Mobile smart plugin wordpress – Get the best wordpress mobile plugin that is most popular. Get WPtouch plugin that definitely will make your site mobile friendly.

WPtouch plugin is the most popular wordpress you will need to quickly turn your website into mobile interface.
WPtouch is able to change any theme you have installed and make it mobile user friendly.

AMP is another WordPress plugin that offers mobile website on the current site.
AMP accelerates your site speed and efficiency with very minimal effort required from your side toreplace your current non-responsive theme.

It is a good practice to test and see how fast your responsive theme is loading. And if you doubt the speed, you simply replace it with the AMP for WP plugin.
The actual core AMP for WP plugin is completely free. You receive all of the features in a quick download from the WordPress plugin library.

Jetpack, is another plugin that comes with collection of tools so that you don’t have to keep installing dozens of plugins.
You receive everything from security tools to social options, and design services to marketing modules.
Considering this is an article about WordPress mobile plugins, it would definitely make sense to focus on the mobile capabilities.
Well, Jetpack also provides a mobile theme that can be implemented for your website by going into your Jetpack settings area.

The theme only operates when it detects a mobile device, and it can override your current responsive theme if you’d like to do that.
The thing we like most about the Jetpack mobile theme is that it has a decent number of settings for adjusting how the website looks on these smaller devices.

For example, you might want to change around how your menu looks, or display huge featured images if you think they look too cluttered on a mobile phone.