Monetizing your Blog

Traffic and conversions will make your company money in the long run, but there are other ways you can set your blog up for success and its highest earning potential.
Content marketing receives 3x more leads than paid search advertising, so you’ll be starting off strong using the tools provided. Some strategies listed to the right will take time before they can be put into action, but once you have a steady network of subscribers, your list can become a valuable and marketable asset to other marketers.

Strategies to monetize your blog
SET UP AN RSS FEED FOR SUBSCRIBERS: Most blog software already includes an RSS feed (really simple
syndication) option, which is an easy way to make sure your subscribers don’t miss out on any new content. You can use an RSS feed to syndicate your content and attract people to your site, generating about $1 per subscriber per month. Here’s how to use RSS feeds and help supplement your promotion effort, effortlessly.
After you’ve collected email addresses from subscribers of your blog, send them relevant or related content and additional valuable offerings like courses, demos, or the opportunity to talk with someone from your team. Here’s a quick guide on lead nurturing and how to achieve 50% more sales at a lower cost using nurturing strategies.