Promoting your Blog

To boost your SEO efforts and get your content out to a larger audience, get your posts far and wide to audiences (your buyer persona) who are interested and will share your content.

Work with your social media teams to see how you can leverage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Create custom imagery to share on social and remember to always be testing—see where and how your blog posts perform best.

Public Relations
Your public relations team may be able to pitch cutting edge, topical pieces from your blog to industry publications. Links from popular magazines and other blogs can be huge traffic drivers to your blog and website.
Try pitching to sites like Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and TechCrunch.

Paying for search and social media ads may sound counterintuitive for organic content, but can provide the amplification your post needs to reach a wider audience. Try boosting posts that are already performing well and retargeting your prospects or subscribers with blog posts and related content. You can also use Google AdWords
to bolster your keyword efforts.

Having guest bloggers on your site is free content and allows your content and brand to be shared to a new audience. You can try content sharing, which is trading a guest post for a guest post. With influencers,
you can either pay for your content to be shared or create a deal where you feature them as an exchange. Here’s a guide on working with influencers to help grow your business.

Any time you can get others to write content for your blog, you can guarantee another audience’s worth of eyes on the post. Work with any partners your company has and work out a content sharing agreement.
For comarketing, try featuring a comarketing partner CTA or shared comarketing offer on a blog post in exchange for them doing the same.