Setting up your Blog

A few tools are required in order for your blog to be up and running.

  • You need writers, editors, publishers and promoters.
  • You need to decide how you want your analytics and data/metrics will be handled and by who.
  • You also need to chose content management system that is simple and easy to use even for non-technical person.
  • You need to get someone who can create a blog style guide for contents and more.

How to Assign roles to the team.
Assign roles to everyone who will be a contributor to the work flow. This is very important step for a successful blog.
Individuals can hold more than one role, but for editors and writers you need to split them to get fresh set of eyes for typos, links, and maintaining your brand voice.

Team Responsibilities

  • Writer: writes content and incorporates SEO
  • Editor/SEO Optimization/CTAs: edits content, optimizes for search engines, adds CTAs
  • Publisher: plans and publishes content, maintains content calendar
  • Analyst: tracks metrics, owns CTA tracking, provides regular reports to the team with best performing content
  • Developer/IT: owns blog from a technical standpoint, troubleshoots