Using BlogVault

How to Backup Your WordPress Site Easily Using BlogVault.
Are you worried about loosing your wordpress blog data? BlogVault is a top backup and migration plugin that enables you to backup your WordPress blog or website.

How it Works:
It performs a daily automatic backup of your entire site including content.
Backup with blogVault.
You first need to open blogVault by filling in simple form.
If you are an existing customer, simply click on the dashboard and enter the URL.
You’ll then be prompted to enter your WordPress admin username and password. Click Install Plugin to proceed. This will automatically install the plugin on your site.

As soon as the plugin is installed, the backup is initiated immediately. You can see its progress on the blogVault dashboard. The process may be very slow, depending on your Internet connection. But this is only for the first backup. Later on, blogVault will only backup the changes and hence complete the process very quickly.

Note: You may encounter issues with backup in case you’ve changed the SITEURL in your WordPress configuration file. In such cases, retry after reverting this back to its default value.

That’s it! You never have to worry about losing any data during local development.