What to consider in your blog design

On spotlight: What to consider when designing your blog.
The main page should tell your visitors about the blog and include links to the most recent posts. Be sure to
include a search feature and/or an archive of your past posts so visitors can access both new and old content.

To make your blog’s design feels coherent, choose a color scheme and stick with it across all your pages.
Try using your brand colors as a base and adding a few accent colors to tie the whole design together

Make sure your blog’s design looks consistent with the rest of your site’s branding. While it’s important
to distinguish your blog’s look from other pages on your site, your visitors should still feel as though
they are on a related page

Each blog post should have the same general layout so readers have a consistent experience across each page.
A simple way to ensure this is by designing or using a premade template for each new blog post!

A blog is a tool used to convert visitors, prospects, and customers, so linking to pieces of content that
will nurture your visitors is important.