WordPress Survey Plugins

Here are 9 Powerful WordPress Survey Plugins to Collect User Feedback (And 4 Survey Builders).

Placing a survey on your website seems easy enough. Until you’re faced with the wide range of options to do so. Some survey builders offer embeddable code, while others provide seamless WordPress integrations.

Here are those elements for you to consider which are most important for your operation:

  • Visual or drag-and-drop builders for rapid form creation and minimal use of code.
  • Aggregated survey results with potential filters for locating the most important information.
  • Export tools for using compiled data to make charts and other items in programs like Excel.
  • Multiple user interaction buttons and boxes like text fields and radio buttons.
  • Prebuilt templates to immediately launch a survey based on your industry or desired results.
  • Responsiveness for viewing and using the survey on mobile devices, even when embedded on a WordPress site.
  • Options for real-time survey results to be shown to your users after they submit the survey.
  • Customization tools to add logos, branded colors, and complementary media items.
  • The option to embed your survey or share it to other places online.
  • Notifications that get sent to your team when a survey response is provided.
  • Spam protection that limits the number of fake submissions.
  • Support for unique fields like file uploads or star ratings.
  • Permissions and banning features so as to prevent users from submitting the same survey twice or to stop spammers.

The below plugins are all available for free download on wordpress.org

  1. YOP Poll
  2. Quiz And Survey Master
  3. Modal Survey
  4. CrowdSignal
  5. Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage
  6. Watu Quiz
  7. Gravity Forms
  8. Formidable Form Builder
  9. eForm