Working with your Blog Developers

Working with Developers is very crucial and for you to have a successful blog you need to include your developers in the planning process from the start to finish.
Your developer will guide you upfront on wordpress compatibility, metric tracking, features, templates, or styles.
Blog development takes time and therefore you should give your developers plenty of time for development and be on high alert for unforeseen technical difficulties. Present your developer with a vision for the blog and be
clear about what you’ll need.

List out requests like:

– Slide-in CTAs
– The ability to tag posts
– A featured image for each post
– Comments/no comments
– A feed of recent posts
– Social shares on each post

Use a project management software or another way to organize the plan for your blog launch, and make sure it’s
clear who will manage the blog moving forward.

Work with your developer(s) to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to updating the blog, being able to edit and publish posts, and who should be trained on how to manage the backend or any templates